Reports & Dashboards

Live Dashboards❄🏭 🏭❄ female viagra tablet in india online purchase kan man köpa viagra på apotek i spanien authentic viagra online pharmacy apotek doktor online recept apotek online Easily maneuver between all records within our interactive collection of smart dashboards. The real-time streamflow of your data can be viewed through a large variety of graphs, diagrams, tables, gauges, sparklines, pies diagrams, and many more.

Bosaso All easy customizable to your needs!

Diverse Reporting Watch the growth and efficiency of your company by generating in-depth reports. They will let you keep up with the changing data so you can revise your business strategy accordingly.

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Detailed display of your finances, employees, customers, sales, inventory, suppliers, products, orders, purchases, expenses, and more

Rich graphics and comprehensive data visualization

Frequent software updates and extensions performed remotely

chedule periodic reports to email

Accesible from all devices (Tablet, Mobile, Mac, more...)

Enhanced business intelligence
Integrated report generator tools

Filter and select the content of your report to decide what information should be printed

Manage which users/groups have access to specific reports