Creating price lists lets you assign different prices to one product or service. This will help you offer special rates for different branches or particular clients.

Nothing catches an eye better than a good discount. Make seasonal sales or offer discounts in a number of ways: Mix & Match, Percentage Off or Extra for Free.

Combine various items from your inventory into one big multi-product, e.g. basket of cosmetics. This is a way to sell more, while adjusting the price to your needs.

You can add services to your offer without linking them with products in your inventory. Set your price and cost for each service to determine its profitability.

Don’t be afraid of losing data if your computer ever crashes. Our software saves each and every activity of your sales and will always restore all the information. Cizaro saves you time and money by effectively preventing business interruptions and financial loss!

Our software supports various payment types such as cash, credit cards, checks, gift cards, job coupons, credit notes, food stamps and other customized payments making the purchasing process as convenient as it can get.

Scan the barcodes on your customers’ receipts (bill, invoice, refund, credit note, gift card, layaway, etc.) to see all the details of their order in no time. This solution is a fast alternative to the traditional typing of information into the system.

Cizaro provides the most comprehensive CRM tool to help you learn about your clients.Keeping their information, you will build and sustain a strong and lasting relationship.

The work of your accountants will be simple and systematized once you deliver your invoices via Cizaro.

The relationship management is complemented by a full order history for each customer.Study their favorites to customize your offer!

Cizaro gives you a possiblity to grant credits to the clients or resellers you select. You can open them their credit accounts and monitor the payment scheme.

Group your customers by age, gender or any other criterion you chosse. Creating categories will help manage your clients easily,e.g.assigning them to price lists.

If you would like your staff to send special offers,greetings, particular clients ,make a relevant notification to be displayed when those customers are identified.

Keep customers happy and encourange repeat business by creating loyalty programs,sending coupons, and selling gift cards.

An internal messaging box is provided for every employee to facilitate the communication on various levels including group and personal messaging.

No more breaking your head over shift arrangements. Cizaro makes it easy to draft and publish shift plans for your employees. The system will even send them notifications about an upcoming shift to their phones, emails or WhatsApp.

Cizaro allows you to quickly view all your employees’ information when you need to. You’ll be able to effortlessly monitor their efficiency and keep track of their sales performace by comparing it over a period of time. This way you’ll find out whose motivation decreased and who made progress.

Group all system users by the criterion you choose (role, location, seniority, etc.) This way you can easily communicate with your selected type of employees, send b-day wishes and more.

Create mirror images of all your accounts, bill the clients through Cizaro and easily watch how your revenues flow.

Other transactions such as periodical costs: salaries, rent, utilities, etc. can be deducted from the income to receive detailed information about the account balance and gain insight into the movement of your money.

The work of your accountants will be simple and systematized once you deliver your invoices via Cizaro.

The system will generate, print and email your invoices within seconds.

The success of your business must be grounded in the efficient management of your resources. For this reason, it is necessary that every expense is accounted for. In Cizaro, you can submit bills, track them back, and view your expense history.

Keep your finances well-organized by scheduling recurring expenses (rent, utilities, salaries, etc.) You will get an alert every time a payment needs to be made.

Create a taxation scheme for the products you sell including different VAT rates, (e.g.
tobacco, alcohol, imported goods and electronics.

Additionally, set how much income tax your company pays to enjoy a better overview of your financials.

Keep track of your products effortlessly. You can view the past movement of your items and their current status starting from purchasing to warehousing, transferring and finally selling. The items can be identified via serial no., name, date, etc.

Once your ordered items arrive, create the RG Voucher to register them in the storage and keep track of what products, by whom, when and where were received to make the supervision process easy and manageable worldwide.

Cizaro gives you increased flexibility and a more complete control of your most complex inventory by allowing you to set up countless custom attributes of your choice: size, color, material, texture, style, pattern, etc.

If you combine items of your inventory to make new items, e.g. food products or custom-made perfumes, this wizard will let you save recipes and details of the production process.

By analyzing your quantities, expenses and prices, Cizaro helps you find the right parameters to raise profitability of a given product.

Cizaro is devoted to be the most functional POS system on the market making your work effortless and quick. Tha’s why we created the alert feature to inform you, when a particular product goes out of stock

As a chief point in your supply chain, the movement of items in the warehouse must be closely followed.

Your employees can assign the placement and distribution of your items as well as locate them on a given rack/shelf, floor, section etc.

Choose or add your measurement units and the system will easily convert one into the other for your convenience.

You can also set different units for one product, e.g. purchased in pallets (supply measure), stored in 6-packs (inventory measure) and sold to customers in bottles (sales measure) or any other way you do it.

Determine the minimum, optimum and maximum level for each item to never run out of it and place your orders continuously.

All information is intuitively kept within one screen for quick access. The inventory level and purchase history are displayed by the product to avoid multiple windows, save your time and increase usability.

For a quick search and precise description of your inventory, the barcode is produced with distinction for different attributes of one product (size, color, etc.).

The system recreates the serial number of the particular product alternating only the last digits for the changing attributes.

If you have a label printer, connect it to Cizaro and handle one more operation through our all-in-one POS system.

The discernment of our POS simplifies your daily tasks such as making orders to your suppliers. Once you create a purchase order, email it via Cizaro.

View the history of your suppliers and add alternative producers in case you must quickly find a replacement or simply check the price history and compare your options.