How Cizaro’s POS System Can Help Increase Sales in Your Business

How Cizaro’s POS System Can Help Increase Sales in Your Business

Today’s POS (Point-of-sale) systems are more advanced than ever, bringing a new dimension of control to businesses all around the world. All types of businesses can increase their sales by switching over to an innovative POS system.

Cizaro’s POS system has built-in features uniquely designed to increase sales while giving you more control over your business.

Clever Competition Mode

Everyone knows that having great salesmen is essential in running a successful business. Cizaro’s POS system allows you to see real-time rankings of your sales team, making it easier for you to track performance and determine who to reward and who you might need to let go.

Stay Connected to Your Customers

Offering a great variety of communication options, Cizaro helps you stay connected to customers by allowing you to send personalized messages through WhatsApp, SMS, email, and Skype. Promotions, birthday messages, and special discounts are just a few examples of messages you will be able to send with Cizaro’s POS system. Choose what works best for you and enjoy increased revenue!

Well-organized and Flexible Commissions

Save time and money by letting Cizaro organize commission rates. Set different commission rates for individuals and branches, including or excluding tax, and reward top sellers by gradually increasing commission as performance improves.

Set Sales Targets and Achieve Them

Cizaro allows you to set different sales targets throughout the day, motivating employees to improve and keeping your business on the right track. Set daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly sales targets and get ready to achieve them all.

 Personalize the Sales Process

View purchase history, product preferences, birthdays, and more in order to provide special offers to your customers. Knowing what your customers like will help your sales team provide better, more attractive options to customers instead of offering a product that may not be suitable.

Switch over to Cizaro’s POS software today and enjoy increased sales and more control over your business. Try our 28 day free trial today.


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