POS for Beauty & Hair salons

Manage your salon and grow a multi-branch chain. We’ll give you the tools.


Personalization is simple with Cizaro hair and beauty salon POS system

Every salon has a different story and faces different issues.
Cizaro’s hair salon POS system was specially designed to match your particular needs. Choosing how you wish to use the software has never been easier.

Build strong customer relationships with our intuitive hair salon POS system

We know that the relationship with your customers is the key to your business’ success. We created a set of features to their delight. Become more attractive by using beauty salon Point of Sale technology of tomorrow – very simple and highly intuitive.

Organize Products & Services With Cizaro Beauty Salon POS

Run a strongly organized business by having your inventory integrated with the services catalog which can make use of products from the stock.
Our comprehensive system maintains a smooth flow of information for the convenience of your employees.

Boost crew Performance

Enhance the communication between all workers and make sure they accomplish their tasks with success.
Specifically created features increase business efficiency spurring team motivation.

Increase Customer Loyalty With Cizaro Retail Salon POS

Connect with your clients by POS communication features such as SMS, WhatsApp or E-mail to notify them about your special offers and their upcoming visits.
Know their preferences using the Cizaro client catalog.

Real POS Special features: