Cizaro understands your business

CIZARO platform offers special on the fly customization, CIZARO Easily adapts to your business processes and not the other way around. with our special platform you can have a tailored solution to individualize to your Information & Business processes without any developer:

THE only ERP and POS that REAL customizable!
With CIZARO you can:
Customize your ERP and POS User Interface, Presentation Layer
Customize your ERP and POS Functionality, Logic Layer
Customize your ERP and POS Data Architecture, Data Layer

with CIZARO you able to start work with hundreds of modules/business processes and easily customize as necessary,
we offer a rich Cross Point Of Sale functionality, Powerful Inventory Management with Kardex, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, Auditing, Programmable Alerts, Human Resource, Payrolls and Much more