POS for Fashion stores, Clothing and boutique

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Gain more Control with Cizaro Fashion Point of sale system

http://kamransolicitors.co.uk/features-2 Be fully in charge of your business management step by step . Access the rich array of reports and dashboards available in Cizaro POS and ERP for fashion from any device anywhere in the world. By analyzing statistics, sales, and worker performance, you will be prepared to take calculated action and improve strategy in your retail fashion store.


Apparel Matrix

that integrates products into the wide-ranging database.

Warehouse Management System

to handily insert, find or release clothes and accessories within the stock.


enjoy also selling your goods over world wide and not only at your physically location.

Barcode Scanner with Information Point

operated by POS for the customers convenience.

Easy Integration With Cizaro Clothing POS System

Our Boutique POS system understands the complexity of running clothing stores and consolidates all operations into one simple business process. Choose the comprehensive solution that lets you handle your company in one place – fast and easy.

Better Organized Inventory With Cizaro Clothing POS System

Every product in your stock can be described in details and easily identified with a smart barcode. The POS for fashion was specially designed to recognize between different properties of one item (size, color, fabric, gender, etc.).

A well-arranged warehouse will please both workers and clients with the sophisticated Information Points featuring barcode scanners and touch screens.

Barcode Generator

Supply Chain Management

Warehouse Management System

Effortlessly Manage Staff With Cizaro Retail Clothing Store POS System

Manage your employees by swiftly planning their work and granting individual access to particular areas of the system.

Inspire them to put that extra effort and increase their gains with our intelligent competition tools designed to boost the overall revenue.

Shift Planner

Roles & Permissions

Competition Mode

Increase Customer Loyalty With Cizaro Retail Software Solutions

There are several ways Cizaro enhances your special bond with the clients. We have introduced various communication channels including WhatsApp so you can deliver your customized clothing offer based on the choices they have made so far.

Show your commitment through loyalty points, coupons or gift cards. Become stunningly attractive by playing with your prices.

Discounts & Coupons

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Clothing chains