POS for Wholesale & Distributors

Having the needs of your wholesale business identified, one Point of Sale system can satisfy them all.


Cizaro POS System for wholesale offers Stability, Solidity and Efficiency

Selling goods to retailers involves big numbers of products, people, and operations, therefore a reliable POS and ERP partner is necessary to handle them all. Our advanced technology for wholesale businesses and distributors guarantees safety and solidity for the most efficient work.

Manage your sales, CRM, inventory, shipping, dispatching, Supply chain management, importations, email invoices to the customer, and customer accounts, E-Commerce, and more all in one comprehensive solution.

CIZARO platform can be customized to your need.

State-of-the-art Innovation

Cizaro Distributors ERP and POS solutions are independent of your internet connection and will always respond – both online and offline. Securing a continuous service and maintaining good relations with your customers, this ERP and POS system reaches out for the future.

Organized Inventory

A systematized warehouse is the key element to bring success in wholesaling but first let’s manage the suppliers. We built an intelligent catalog and rich communication tools so you can consciously decide who is the best fit for your company and how to contact them easily, include a powerful supply chain management solution.

Now your ERP and POS system is ready to classify your products the way you like and save all the characteristics that you require. You can easily localize each item and watch what hands and places it goes through.

Satisfied Clients

One truly do-it-all POS software will smoothly take care of the repairs and additional services you offer. The solution will also monitor credits you give to customers and obligations you have towards your suppliers.

Harness the opportunities of 2016 by sending messages and even invoices to your distributors the most convenient way you choose.

Dynamic Sales

Cizaro helps your business become more attractive and increase revenues. Make special prices for selected goods and list which clients should receive those particular offers.

Use our functional guide to customize your offer. Save special instructions on how to combine certain items in order to create new products.