Whatsapp offers

Whatsapp is the leading mobile instant messaging app with more than 700 million monthly users. It carries around 30 billion messages per day which is twice Facebook’s daily traffic.

It is also becoming one of the most powerful marketing tools for all types of businesses around the world. With Whatsapp, businesses can effectively communicate with large amounts of customers without spending a large amount of their budget.

This is why we have seamlessly integrated Whatsapp with our highly comprehensive POS system.

The following are a few ways Whatsapp can help grow your business:

Brand Recognition

Every business wants customers to think of them first when making a purchase. Staying on your customers’ minds is extremely important if you want them to come to you instead of your competitor first. Not every small or medium sized business has a large enough budget to spend thousands on internet marketing. Whatsapp makes it possible to stay in front of your customers by sending targeted messages that will help you keep up with your customers’ changing tastes and preferences while positioning your brand.

Increase Sales

Most businesses send promotions via email or text messages. Most of the time, marketing emails businesses send get stuck in customers’ junk folder or simply aren’t opened. Most people use instant messaging over text messaging now because of the fast speed it offers and in most countries, every SMS message sent costs money. Businesses can take advantage of the fast speed Whatsapp offers as well as the opening ratio. According to experts, most users check their Whatsapp over 100 times a day!

Whatsapp makes it easy for businesses to maximize conversion rates by keeping customers engaged and updated on latest promotions, personalized offers, news, and new products or services. Cizaro’s POS for retail helps you maximize these benefits. The possibilities are truly endless with Whatsapp marketing.

Leverage CRM features

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is no longer just available on desktop. There are many CRM mobile apps and now you can boost their usability with Whatsapp. Whatsapp gives you an extra edge by allowing you to quickly address customer concerns, keep up with customer demands, and resolve issues. You can also send out sales proposals, effectively follow up with leads, and seal the deal!

Customer Service & Support

Did you know that there are now Whatsapp call centers? In Kazakhstan, many banks have opened Whatsapp call centers to better attend to customers’ needs.

And according to new research from Intelligent Environments, six in ten bank customers aged 18 to 30 (nearly seven million people) are now demanding WhatsApp-style communication. Whatsapp allows businesses to effectively communicate with customers in a way that they prefer and feel most comfortable with. The majority of consumers today prefer to be contacted by Whatsapp over any other communication channel.

Increase Customer Engagement and Trust

Whatsapp adds a personal touch to your business because it lets customers know you care about them. It makes you and your business stand out from the rest. While most businesses send automated email messages that almost never get read, you’ll be sending personalized messages that target a specific audience. You can even create different groups of customers and target them with customized offers based on their shopping history and preferences instead of sending a generic message that may not be of interest to all your customers.

Improve Team Communication

Team communication is greatly improved through Whatsapp because individuals in business groups are more likely to see instant messages over emails. Businesses can manage their workforce whether they are local or overseas in an efficient and inexpensive way. It is a fast and easy way to communicate work updates, meeting announcements, discuss issues, and other important business communications. You can even motivate your sales teams and boost their performance by sending enthusiastic messages throughout the day!

Facilitate Supply Chain Management

Whatsapp adds value to your supply chain management by allowing you to instantly send new orders to suppliers and track deliveries. It is also very effective to send manufacturing staff important messages since they might not always have easy access to computers or email. Timely Whatsapp instant messages ensure that your manufacturing operations always run smoothly.

These are just a few of the many benefits Whatsapp offers to businesses around the world. The marketing world is being revolutionized by Whatsapp and now is the time to take advantage of the extraordinary opportunity Whatsapp marketing offers.